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We are the first and only manufacturer of bio-fireplaces in Lithuania. By making environmentally-friendly and safe bio-fireplaces, we hope to bring cosiness, beauty and warmth to your home or other space. We have worked a long time in order to create a line of reliable and unique products, which we now present under the brand name “Defaro”.

“Defaro” is quality, progress, safety and reliability.

Our company’s merit is that we create all our own products - that is, starting with an idea, through design and manufacture, all the way to the final user. That is why we are flexible and able to satisfy the needs of every individual client.


The biofireplaces we manufacture can be used in places, where installing a regular fireplace is practically impossible. The biofireplace is an innovative technology, which allows you to enjoy the warmth of a real fire without having to use any special equipment. These fireplaces do not need a chimney or any special permits and therefore can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to bring some cosiness and elegance into their home, office or any other place.

The bio-fireplace is a great piece of technology, which can without difficulty be relocated to another place, thus rejuvenating it and decorating its interior. The flowing natural light of a bio-fireplace not only brings cosiness, but also spreads warmth in the room. A biofireplace is not only an attractive interior piece but also a great addition to an existing heating system.

Instead of firewood, this fireplace uses a special, organic bioethanol fuel, which does not emit neither smoke nor smells, and is non-toxic to people and environment. When burning, all it emits is water vapour and carbon dioxide. This innovation is safe and easy to use: all you need to do is fill it up with biofuel and light it using a special lighter. The natural light of the biofireplace will bring a touch of warmth and cosiness to your environment.


How to use the bio-fireplace?

Open up the burner opening and, after pouring in the desired amount of bioethanol through a funnel, light it with the special lighter. Once all the fuel is used up, the bio-fireplace goes out by itself, however, if you want to put it out earlier, just close the burner opening using a special tool, included in the set. 

Is any additional equipment required?

No additional equipment is needed for using the bio-fireplace. No chimney or special ventilation system. It is enough to simply air the room afterwards. 

Do you take individual orders?

Yes. We will strive to find a solution together, which will suit your needs.

Does the bio-fireplace heat the rooms?

The flowing natural light of the bio-fireplace not only brings cosiness, but also emits a pleasant warmth in the room. Burning for 30 min, the bio-fireplace will warm up a 20 sq. meter room a few degrees. The bio-fireplace can be a great addition to an existing heating system, but on its own it would not be sufficient.

What is bioethanol?

Bioethanol is denatured ethyl alcohol, produced form plant-based materials. This organic fuel does not emit smoke or smells and is non-toxic to people and environment. When burning, it only produces water vapour and carbon dioxide. 

Where can I obtain bioethanol? How much does it cost?

Bioethanol can be bought in specialised stores or from online dealerships. Prices vary between 3 to 6 Euros per litre. The price depends on the quality of bioethanol and its manufacturer. Fuel that has been distilled more times, is more expensive but also of higher quality.


Defaro biozidiniai

Gerosios Vilties str. 44-20,
Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone: +370 677 94099



Phone: +370 677 94099